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Sea Legends - A Practical Age of Sail Sim 


Piracy and Pirate Hunting, Smuggling and Privateering, Seamanship and Combat are one of the most fascinating topics of the Age of Sail. Sea Legends is your practical guide to 18th century sailing and combat.

Cumbersome and impractical controls and systems, which are so often found in modern games on sailing and Age of Sail combat are avoided. Instead, features are presented through the lenses of simplicity and common sense, building on experience in making historical games and practical experience in sailing boats from large to small.

Sea Legends is purely single player simulation experience built around hauling, combat and privateering in the Caribbean. No “live service” elements, no huge lengthy unfinished roadmaps. Sea Legends is a simple narrow focus old school gaming experience where what you see is what you get.

Maksim Zasov: Lead Designer, Game Labs, Inc

Captain and Seamanship


  • Realistic 18th Century Sailing

  • Individual sail control

  • Ballast and cargo placement

  • Star Navigation possible

Water and Wind

  • Variable wind

  • Variable waves (no reloads)

  • Wind gusts

  • Waves pitch and roll depending on stowage

Crew (not in early access)

  • Crew Divisions and Shifts

  • Fatigue, Resting and Sleeping

  • Provisions, Eating, Drinking.

  • Injuries, Casualties and Deaths


  • Manual or crew shooting

  • Realistic Dispersion

  • Wind effect on cannonballs

  • Air resistance

  • Realistic damage and penetration

Caribbean Manufacturing and Trading

  • Every item is produced by manufacturers

  • No fake hidden hauling or goods spawning

  • Port demand and supply must be fulfilled by NPCs sailing the world in real time.

  • Blockade traffic and see ports decline, bring goods yourself and increase production.

  • Things take time.

Persistent NPC driven world

  • Pirates, Naval officers, Smugglers, Custom agents, Traders

  • Persistent NPCs with names

  • Persistent and realistic cargo

  • Trading NPC focused on profits, Combat NPCs focused on fame

  • Formation sailing for NPC squadrons

Professions in Alpha Version


“The Smugglers Inn was one of the commonest names for a bar on the coast” — Robert Louis Stevenson

Smuggle wine, wool, tea, spirits and varied luxury goods to avoid excise taxes imposed by the governments. Develop your seamanship skills to be able to escape the revenue agents in any weather conditions. Use the knowledge of coasts and variable depths to your advantage to hide the goods if things go wrong.

Stow your cargo well thinking both about weight and dimensions, and can affect your ship performance, heel and waterline. You might need this speed but place your cargo incorrectly and slow down in the worst possible moment.

Be careful when engaging customs ships or other competing smugglers as the cost of battle will not be making your trip worthwhile. Nobody is going to pay you for this victory.

“A man fights for what he lacks the most ”
— Robert Surcouf

The privateersman, scouring the seas in his swift, rakish craft, plundering the merchant vessels of the enemy, and occasionally engaging in a desperate encounter with an opponent of his own class, or even with a well-equipped man-of-war, has always presented a romantic and fascinating personality. But everybody knows that plunder, not patriotism, is your motive. Why pay for something if you can use your national interests or shady governors to take things for free.

Crew with boarding skill and experience is extremely important for the success of your ventures, but remember everyone gets the prize share (sometimes confirmed by written scrips or share certificates), so the less crew you have the bigger your profit would be.

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